Pineapple is my favorite tomato. Her flavor is sweet and fruity with enough tang so you know you’re eating a tomato. Pineapple also has smooth, delectable flesh and plenty of juice.

    Though Pineapple will cat-face and crack when the weather isn’t ideal, a well grown Pineapple is one of the most beautiful tomatoes around. Her skin is striped orange and red on a yellow background, and on the inside Pineapple does bear a
passing resemblance to the fruit, with lots of triangular seed pockets. Her interior color is even better than the exterior color, with swirls of cantaloupe and watermelon and streaks of red and orange over the yellow.

She’s huge, often topping a pound, which means she’s also a pretty late tomato, coming in around 85 days from transplanting. That said, Pineapple will keep producing up until frost. Indeterminate and open-pollinated.

This is a tomato that will make you sigh with delight, I promise.

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