Cold Garden Warm Kitchen ( was created by me, Hillary Nelson. I’ve loved to cook and grow things since I was a little girl, which explains why I’m a graduate of both the French Culinary Institute and the Plant Production Program at the New York Botanical Garden.

For many years I was a pastry chef in New York City, but in 1994 we moved to my husband’s childhood home, a New Hampshire farm built by the Shakers in the early 19th century. This is what it looked like in 1950 - it still looks pretty much the same.

    Over the years we’ve raised everything from Red Devon cattle to Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs. I’m happiest though, with my hands in the dirt, especially when I’m planting or harvesting heirloom vegetables and flowers. Most of the edibles and ornamentals you’ll find on these pages were grown on our farm.

The recipes on these pages (unless otherwise noted) were developed, tested and photographed by me. Many of them appeared previously in the local foods column I write for The Concord Monitor, “Home Plate.”

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